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Misfit Militia Tournament History

Colosseum 3 Man December 3, 2005 $CASH BASH$
Misfit Militia 1st Place
Misfit Militia B 2nd Place
Misfit Militia A 5th Place

Colosseum 3 Man September 24, 2005
Misfit Militia A 1st Place
Machine** 2nd Place
Misfit Militia 5th Place

Xtreme Paintball Park July 30, 7 man OPEN
Misfit Militia 2nd Place

Bushwackers May 21, 2005
Cyclones* A 2nd Place
Cyclones* B 1st Place
+Cyclones* B 1st in the SERIES!!!

Bushwackers April 10, 2005
Cyclones* A 5th Place
Cyclones* B 2nd Place

Bushwackers March 27, 2005
Cyclones* A 2nd Place
Cyclones* B 4th Place

Bushwackers November 27, 2004
Cyclones* 4th Place


* = Cyclones is the old Misfit Militia before a name change.
** = Machine was a Misfit Militia team.